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Bankruptcy Notices

The Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) has received notice of bankruptcy on the following companies possibly doing business within the state. Bankruptcy notices are generally time sensitive and require immediate (or near immediate) attention, therefore, we are issuing this notification to agencies which could be affected by the debtors in the bankruptcies.
If your agency has a contract for a service(s) and/or product(s) either that the debtor in each bankruptcy provides to the State of Oklahoma or that the State of Oklahoma provides to the debtor (if any), or if the debtor has already fulfilled its contractual obligation(s) to the state and/or has already provided the service(s) and/or product(s) in whole or in part, please notify Steve Wilson at (405) 521-4679 or

Current notice of bankruptcies (NOTE: the bankruptcies can include "aka's" and other holdings by the debtor):

VER Technologies Holdco LLC, et al.
(AG Notification 4-11-18)
Nine West Holdings, Inc.
(AG Notification 4-11-18)

Remington Outdoor Company , Inc., et al.
AG Notification 04/04/18)

Claire’s Stores, Inc.
(AG Notification 4-2-18)

iHeartMedia, Inc.
(AG Notification 3-27-18)

Toys “R” Us Property Company I, LLC.
(AG Notification 3-26-18)

The Weinstein Company Holdings, LLC., et al., 18-10601 (MFW)
(AG Notification 3-26-18)

Exco Resources, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 3-13-18)

Ensequence, Inc.
(AG Notification 2-2-18)

Cenveo, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 2-14-18)

Patriot National, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 2-6-18)

LSC Wind Down, LLC
(AG Notification 12-28-17)

Vasari, LLC
(AG Notification 12-6-17)

Lynda Mae Nichol
(AG Notification 12-4-17)

Cumulus Media Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 12-4-17)

Lehman Brothers U.K. Holdings (Delaware) Inc.
Lehman Pass-Through Securities Inc.
(AG Notification 11-28-17)

Real Industry, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 11-28-17)

Mac Acquisition LLC, et al.
(AG Notification 11-6-17)

Cornhusker RBM, LLC, et al.
(AG Notification 10-5-17)

Portrait Innovations, Inc.
(AG Notification 9-26-17)

TOYS “R” US, INC., et al
(AG Notification 9-26-17)

Avaya Inc., et al.
(Court Notification 8/25/17)

Model Reorg Acquisitions, LLC, et al.
(AG Notification 08/31/17)

Knight Energy Holdings, LLC
(AG Notification 8-25-17)

Beaulieu Group, LLC, et al.
(AG Notification 07/31/17)

TK Holdings Inc.
(AG Notification 7-11-17)

The Gymboree Corporation, et al.
(AG Notification 6-21-17)

Genon Energy, Inc., et al. 
(AG Notification 6-19-17)

Old Epp, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 6-13-17)

Ignite Restaurant Group, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 6-8-17)

Adams Resources Exploration Corporation
(AG Notification 6/1/17)

Katy Industries, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 6/1/17)

Goodman Networks Incorporated, et al.
(AG Notification 6/6/2017)

Rue21, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 5/17/17)

Old Towing Company, et al.
(AG Notification 5/15/17)

I.O. Metro, LLC d/b/a ERDOS at Home
(AG Notification 5-3-17)

Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, et al.
(AG Notification 4-24-17)

Angelica Corporation, et al.
(AG Notification 4-21-17)

Connect Terminals, LLC
(AG Notification 4-19-17

Big Rig Ranker, LLC
AG Notification 4-19-17

MG Rolling Stock Land, LLC
(AG Notification 4-19-17

Murphy Energy Corporation
(AG Notification 4-19-17

Murphy Terminals, LLC
(AG Notification 4-19-17

Murphy Holdings, Inc.
(AG Notification 4-19-17

Port Hudson Terminal, LLC
(AG Notification 4-19-17

Port Allen Terminal, LLC
(AG Notification 4-19-17

Ciber, Inc.,et al.
(AG Notification 4-11-17)

Payless Holdings LLC, et al.
(AG Notification 04/06/17)

SquareTwo Financial Services Corporation, et al.
(AG Notification 4/4/17)

Gander Mountain Company
(AG Notification 3/30/17)

Overton’s Inc.
(AG Notification 3/30/17)

Cameron A. Rodgers
(AG Notification 3/30/17)

Goodman Networks Incorporated, et al.
(AG Notification 3-21-17)

Gordmans Stores, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 3-21-17)

United Road Towing, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 3-21-17)

General Wireless Operations Inc., dba RadioShack et al.
(AG Notification 3-21-17)

Vanity Shop of Grand Forks, Inc., dba Vanity
(AG Notification 3-7-17)

BCBG Max Azria Global Holdings, LLC, et al.
(AG Notification 3/3/17)

Vanguard Natural Resources, LLC, et al.
(AG Notification 2/7/17)

Memorial Production Partners LP, et al.
(AG Notification 1/26/17)

Nasty Gal Inc., a California Corporation
(AG Notification 01/24/17)

Violin Memory, Inc.
(AG Notification 01/24/17)

Avaya Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 01/24/17)

Limited Stores Company, LLC., et al.
(AG Notification 01/19/17)

American Gilsonite Company, et al.
(AG Notification 01/11/17)

CS Dip, LLC (f/k/a Church Street Health Management, LLC)
SSHC Dip LLC (f/k/a Small Smiles Holding Company, LLC)

FNY Dip LLC (f/k/a Forba NY, LLC)
(AG Notification 12/28/16)

Stone Energy Corporation, et al.
(AG Notification 12/19/16)

C&J Energy Production Services-Canada Ltd.
(AG Notification 12/19/16)

Money Centers of America, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 12/19/16)

Erickson Incorporated, et al.
(AG Notification 12/06/16)

DirectBuy Holdings, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 11/29/16)

Basic Energy Services, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 10/27/16)

ITT Educational Services, Inc., ESI Services Corp. & Daniel Webster College, Inc.
(AG Notification 10/14/16)

TPP Acquisitions, Inc., d/b/a The Picture People
(AG Notification 10/4/16)

Connect Transport, L.L.C., et al.
(AG Notification 10/7/16)

Gawker Media LLC, et al.
(AG Notification 09/21/16)

Golfsmith International Holdings. Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 09/21/16)

Roadhouse Holding Inc., et al.
(AG Notification   09/16/2016

Last Call Guarantor, LLC, et al.
(AG Notification 09/08/16)

Light Tower Rentals, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 09/08/16)