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Certified Public Manager Program

About CPM

In 1986, OPM created the Certified Public Manager® (CPM) Program as a comprehensive management-training program for state government employees. The Legislature made the Oklahoma CPM Program statutory in 1995. The OPM Administrator has adopted Merit Rules to implement those provisions.

The Oklahoma CPM Program is designed to improve service to the citizens of the state of Oklahoma. Participants in the program become better resources for their agency and for the state through seminars, examinations, job-related projects, and by enhancing their management skills. The long-range goals of the Oklahoma CPM Program include helping agencies identify and develop the skills of Oklahoma state government's future leaders. Tenysha Green is the CPM Program Coordinator.

The Oklahoma CPM program was first accredited by the National Certified Public Manager® Consortium in 1988, and received continued accreditation in 1993, 1998, 2003 and 2008. Oklahoma is one of 27 programs accredited by the Consortium; seven other government entities are currently developing a CPM program to enhance their productivity.

Five hundred forty-one state employees have graduated from the State CPM Program since its inception, including 13 in 2012.

Program Requirements

The Oklahoma CPM Program is a three-level program consisting of 258 required hours and 42 elective hours:

Level 1: Basic supervisory skills - 80 classroom hours
Level 2: Middle-management skills - 77 classroom hours
Level 3: Advanced-management skills - 77 classroom hours

A CPM candidate is also required to complete four examinations, one for each level and one comprehensive exam. In addition, each candidate must complete three job-related projects in a timely manner, which provides an outstanding opportunity for candidates to work on ideas for efficiency in the workplace, problem-solving at work, and developing strategic work plans for the future.

For more information on the current course curriculum, please contact Tenysha Green, leadership programs coordinator at


Oklahoma State Agencies: The total cost of the program is $1,400.00. The agency pays $1,300.00 and the candidate pays $100.00 ($10.00 per exam and $20.00 per project evaluation).

City and County Governments in Oklahoma and Federal Agencies: An additional cost of $300.00 covers processing and course material. The total cost of the program is $1,700.00. The agency or organization pays $1,600.00, and the candidate pays $100 ($10.00 per exam and $20.00 per project evaluation).

College Credit Recommendations

A participant may receive up to 15 hours of upper division baccalaureate credit or nine hours of graduate credit in Public Administration, Management, or Human Relations.


Applications for the Oklahoma CPM Program are accepted at any time. (Link opens in new window.)

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