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HealthChoice Select

Your patients with HealthChoice primary coverage may be able to get certain imaging, cardiology or surgical procedures covered at 100 percent if they utilize a HealthChoice Select provider.

HealthChoice Select is a program designed to reduce the costs of certain services by contracting with select medical facilities to provide these services with no out-of-pocket costs to members.

Members on the HealthChoice High Deductible Plan must meet their deductible before any benefits, other than preventive services, are paid by the plan. 

Customer care is available to help guide referring providers and members through the HealthChoice Select process and ensure members have a positive, beneficial experience. To verify if the service is covered under HealthChoice Select and identify a participating provider, call toll-free 800-323-4314 and choose the appropriate prompt below:

  • Providers select option 2, then option 3 for Select issues.
  • Members select option 3, then option 5 for Select issues.