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Frequently Asked Questions - Information Services - Social Media - YouTube

The total forecast cost is the total costs represented in your financial summary forecast. The Estimated to Complete is the Total Actuals + Forecast for the current and future months. Therefore, all previous month’s forecast amounts are not included in the Estimated to Complete.


Accessibility of the content that an agency would post to YouTube is the responsibility of the agency posting the content. There are additional tools that you can use to assist in making video and audio content compliant, including YouTube's own captioning solution. There are some good online resources, including the following:

In terms of the YouTube interface, there are some deficiencies in the platform. To address those, OSF's prior guidance has been for agencies to attempt to locate a more compliant version of the technology. In the event that no alternatives can be found, OMES recommends posting a compliant version of the content on your agency site and link to it from the third-party platform.

NASCIO and YouTube agreed that the terms are not to be posted on public facing sites. Individual state laws may ultimately render the agreement public or open under FOIA-like terms, but it was YouTube’s preference that the terms not be placed on open websites at this time.

Brand channels offer several features not available on standard channels. With a brand channel, you will be able to customize images on the pages, including the channel banner image, the side column image and the video page banner. Brand channel owners can also specify demographic filters that restrict access based on a user’s language, geographic location, age, or gender. There are also enhanced tracking capabilities. Details of these features, as well as how to set up a channel, can be found online.

No. Once accounts have been established, the agency may not rename them without starting an entirely new channel. If agencies are required to change the name, the agency will have to move over all content as well.

Channel names should be chosen with care and, within constraints imposed by the YouTube platform, should align with naming and branding guidelines developed at the enterprise level of state government or within agencies, cabinets, or departments. Guidelines for account naming conventions may be found in the State of Oklahoma Social Networking and Social Media Policy and Standards on pages 11-13. To the extent possible, the names chosen should be consistent across social media platforms. For example, Facebook sites, if established, should use the same character strings after the slash as above (e.g.,, to capitalize on brands.

YouTube does not offer any functionality to allow for parent and sub-channels, but you can highlight similar or like channels using the playlist or featured channels features. This will allow states to manage what videos show on their channel pages rather than the random videos that often pop up.

You should switch as Oklahoma’s laws make the indemnification and jurisdictional in the standard terms unacceptable. The new terms are more favorable to Oklahoma agencies.

Once the names are submitted to YouTube from NASCIO staff, a representative from YouTube will e-mail the contact name from each agency. YouTube will provide a click-through agreement, and the agency account will be active once the agency agrees to the new terms.


In order to obtain the new "Content Licensing Agreement," please submit the following information to the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) Service Desk via an online form found at

  • Agency Name
  • Authorized Agency Requestor
  • [Requestor] Title
  • [Requestor] E-mail
  • [Requestor] Phone Number
  • [Agency] Address Line 1
  • [Agency] Address Line 2
  • [Agency] City
  • [Agency] State
  • [Agency] Zip

Each agency that wishes to obtain the CLA must submit a name of staff with legal signing authority. YouTube has also suggested that any agency that would like the new terms and does not have an existing account should set up a private YouTube channel now to preserve an appropriate site name. The agency will have to accept the old, standard terms, but will be able to accept the new terms once the agency information is passed to NASCIO. The agency will not be required to upload any content and have the option to keep the channel private until the new terms are obtained. This will prevent someone else from setting up the account with a name the agency wants to use.

YouTube has expressed that this is their best and final offer at this point. NASCIO will not be pursuing further changes with YouTube.