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Frequently Asked Questions - Information Services - PPM Tool - General

The PPM Tool can be used with the following browsers: • Internet Explorer 7 • Internet Explorer 8 • Internet Explorer 9 (Recommended) • Internet Explorer 10 (Compatibility Mode only) • Firefox 11-24 Using any other Browsers could limit the functionality of the tool, and therefore, is not recommended while using the PPM Tool.

The formula is as follows:

  • SPI = EV / PV
  • Special cases:
  • if PV=0 and EV=0, then SPI=1
  • if PV=0 and EV! =0, then SPI=0

The formula is as follows:

  • PV = baseline total planned cost * ((current date - baseline start date)/(baseline finish - baseline start))
  • Else
  • PV = baseline total planned cost * ((current date - start date)/(finish - start))


The formula is as follows:
  • CPI = EV /AC (AC: Actual Cost)
  • Special cases:
  • if AC=0 and EV=0 then CPI=1
  • If AC=0 and EV! =0, then CPI = 0

The calculation is as follows:

  • EV = baseline total planned cost * %complete
  • Else
  • EV = 0 if not 100% complete; EV = baseline total planned cost if 100% complete


EV is calculated based on "Baseline total planned cost" and “%complete."

In order to be able to update your resource's information, like their role, department and their Pool Participation, you have to be designated as their Direct Manager. Just being the Pool Manager will not give you access to change their Resource Pool Participation percentage or the availability.

They are taken at three times: when the high level plan is approved, when the detail level plan is approved and when the project is closed.


Hold down the Control key while you click on the Export to Excel hyperlink. Sometimes you have to do this and sometimes you don’t, and sometimes you have to try that a couple of times before it will work.

Proposals and projects are to be named after the idea or project and do not have a particular format. Programs are labeled by agency and then program. For example, ISD-Financials.

Tool requests include the following:

  • Proposals – Project ideas, equivalent to projects on our current portfolios in Concept Phase
  • Projects – Projects that have been approved to go to initiation
  • Project Risk – Risks identified for a project
  • Project Issue – Project Issues
  • Project Scope Change – Project Scope Changes
  • Program Risk – Risks identified for a program
  • Program Issue – Program Issues


It is a project and portfolio management tool that is to be used to exist with the existing project management process. The process itself will not change. The tool is simply to be used to aid in the development and tracking of deliverables.