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Frequently Asked Questions - Information Services - PPM Tool - Workplan

Take the amount of hours that were in the past and multiply that by $50; then update your Financial Summary with the Internal Labor Category for the first month of the project and put that amount in there. That should make your budget correct. Then, open your staffing profile and zero out the unmet demand in the past. This should take that off of your Requested portlet and marked it Fulfilled. Additionally, it will not double count internal labor in your budget.
No, under the individual task be sure to enter the project’s begin and end dates, and the percent complete. As far as hours, the actual hours will come from the PeopleSoft report that you should run once a month and will be entered in a task using Staff Hours as the role and the Month and Year as the task name.
Go to Open under the menu and select Administration. Then, select Edit My Profile. Under Project WorkPlan Preferences and you will see that it allows you to edit the number of tasks displayed per page in the project work plan. You can select 20 tasks per page (most likely what it has been defaulted as), 100 tasks per page or select a specific amount with a maximum of 500.
No, you can only have one role per task. If you need to account for multiple roles, then you need to create duplicate tasks.
Your WorkPlan must be made active for the Schedule indicator to show up on your details screen. To make your WorkPlan active, you must open (double-click) on the Zero level task and change the status of the task to Active. Then, your WorkPlan will become active.

The task description, scheduled effort and begin and end dates must be entered into the WorkPlan for each task.