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Frequently Asked Questions - Purchasing - eProcurement

  • Steps to the lifecycle of the ePro Requisition (i.e. requisition, approvals, PO, Inventory, invoicing and Payment)
  • Detail information for each step. By clicking on approval, you can see where in the approval process the requisition is. By clicking on Invoice or Payment you can see detailed information on the finances of the purchase.
  • Audit Trail information – auditors can use ePro to track Requisition, Approval and Purchase Order information

Additional instructions for auditing ePro Requisitions/Purchase Orders for IT purchasing may be found online.

Yes, ISD will provide annual ePro updates.

OMES has set metrics for expected turnaround times and staffing resources are based on the calls received. If ISD takes phone calls and e-mails directly, the data we are tracking is not accurately reflected. Furthermore, by tracking the calls trends can be summarized and communicated in a more effective manner.

It is important so the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) can verify the accuracy of a vendor’s reported usage, including any administrative fees. It is also important because the state has identified performance metrics that include goals for utilization of enterprise and statewide contracts. Therefore, OMES will send the requisition back to the agency to correct the data. If OMES corrects the data on behalf of the agency; the agency may never become aware of the need, or complete the requisition correctly in the future.

Yes, you can create an ePro requisition to initiate a change order to an existing PO that was not created via ePro. Please review the instructions.

Not at this time. The piece to allow the change order process on ePro has not yet been implemented.
Select Special Request, Special Item, fill out the required fields and select ADD, re-enter the information and select ADD. Continue until all required lines are selected.
Under ePro, select 'Buyer Center,' select 'Expedite Requisitions,' enter your agency number, and click search. Select the requisition that you need and select Enter. Once the process runs your PO is in an open status. Step by step instructions are found on pages 54-57 of the CORE 452 ePro manual.
When the requisition is being sourced, and faults out requiring it to be unstaged due to an error, you will be unable to change the price or the quantity. Contact the OMES Service Desk at or (405) 521-2444 if this problem arises.
A Category Code that is not in the IT catalog was used. This usually this happens because a non-IT catalog ID had been used and no workflow can be assigned. It can also happen if the agency number has not been set up in workflow yet. If it is truly an IT category code that needs to be added, a help desk case should be submitted. After the code (either item or category) is added, then the ePro approval should work correctly. If it is not an IT item, then follow normal non-IT processes.

Contact the OMES Service Desk at or (405) 521-2444 with your request.

The requisition flows through ISD Procurement and the ISD Business Segment Director assigned to your agency. ISD Procurement’s goal is to have their review done within 2 business days, and then the Business Segment Director has a goal of 3 business days for completion of review. If the purchase is outside of the agency’s purchasing threshold or the purchase is for business unit 090, the procurement will be completed by ISD, after approval from the Business Segment Director. All change orders should be completed by ISD within 3 business days of approval from the Business Segment Director. Simple renewals are generally 3 business days as well. The goal for new solicitations is 30 days from receipt of completed documents and approval from the ISD Business Segment Director. During renewals estimated times may be extended to accommodate the volume received.

ePro recognizes all file formats, with the exception of .docx. When attaching documents to ePro, it is best to use a .pdf format.

Effective Sept. 1, 2012, the State of Oklahoma Chief Information Officer (CIO) is requiring the storage of all procurement files electronically within the PO in PeopleSoft. This includes any attachments, quotes, Word, Excel, PDFs, etc. State generated modifiable files must be included here. This policy will be for all purchase orders (and corresponding documentation) regardless of whether the purchase order was created by the agency or another agency on their behalf. NOTE: Confidential or proprietary documents should be cleansed prior to attaching in ePro.

When personnel leave your organization, the OMES Service Desk and Linda Belinski should be notified to remove their access. Also to add new personnel, forms should be submitted to

Record destruction is authorized and granted by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. To review the requirements visit
Change the default buyer in the line details to the certified procurement officer (CPO) that will be processing the PO. The buyer’s name should be your agency CPO or, if outside your purchasing threshold, select a buyer at ISD procurement, or just leave it blank.
Review the approval section for comments or explanation. If correctable, please fix and resubmit the requisition. Otherwise, the requestor at the agency should cancel the requisition. Not cancelling the requisition can create a pre-encumbrance and potential budget problem.
Emergency purchases due to a system outage may be purchased with immediate follow up to the appropriate Business Segment Director. The e-Pro requisition will need to be submitted with full details as soon as possible.

If you have a category code that you feel should be added to the IT Catalog, please submit a Service Desk case listing the Category Code, description and request that it be added to ePro IT Catalog.

If a contract is a Category Code contract, you will not be able to attach the lines, only the contract ID. Usual causes of not being able to attach these items are the result of the vendor location, Vendor ID, or Item Code/Category Code used being incorrect.

The requesting unit should have someone trained in ePro to enter the requisition. Information Services Division (ISD) Purchasing will complete the PO once all approvals have been obtained.

This contract has been added to the IT Catalog tree, you can add them now. If you are unable to pull any item ID from any ITSW, please contact the OMES Service Desk for assistance.

The agency level approval process is based on workflow for the agency that was previously submitted. Approvals are tied to DCS Form 001.
Through the month of October 2012, you may come to the OMES building on Tuesdays and Thursdays for training (except for Oct. 9, 2012, when no training will be offered). You do not have to sign up to come to the lab. The lab hours will be from 9-11:30 a.m. and 1:30-4 p.m. on a come and go basis. After this date, agency personnel will be responsible for training their new employees. Once you have been trained, please submit a Form 301 ePro for access.

The requesting unit should have someone trained in ePro to enter the requisition. Information Services Division (ISD) Purchasing will complete the PO once all approvals have been obtained.


You need to set up you e-mail notifications in My System Profile. To do this, go to My System Profile and check the box ‘Email User’ under ‘Workflow Attributes’ and enter the e-mail address and select primary e-mail account.
It is important to note that you may not receive notifications if you were not the requestor and are not the buyer.
Make sure ‘Email User’ and ‘Worklist User’ boxes are checked under Workflow Attributes.


Go to ePro, then Buyer Center, and select Expedite Requisitions. Enter the Agency Number and the Requisition Number on the appropriate lines and then click Submit.
Also, see the COR452 e-Procurement Manual, pages 54-57 for details at
P-card purchase information may be found in the IT and Telecom ePro Requisition Procedures Manual beginning on page 13. The manual can be found at under Popular Links.
Send them to your agency P-card administrator. P-card logs and documentation should be kept by the agency P-card administrator.
Contact the OMES Service Desk - or (405) 521-2444 - and submit a ticket with the PO number. OMES Purchasing staff will contact the person who needs the change made to open the applicable contract and make an adjustment to the contract so that the change order can be processed.
  • Paperless requisition process saves time and money
  • Easily source to Purchase Order (PO)
  • Improve tracking of approvals
  • Electronic document storage
  • Overall efficiency
  • Transparency - feedback simplifies audit compliance
  • Built in security for approvals