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Frequently Asked Questions - Budget - Encore - Statewide Program

A Statewide Program involves multiple agencies contributing to a common outcome. It may crosscut both cabinet and agency boundaries. Intragency programs are agency specific; however, they may contribute to a statewide outcome tied to a Statewide Program. For instance, multiple agencies have stand alone programs that work toward reducing prescription drug abuse which is considered a Statewide Program.

No. Statewide Programs are not meant to encompass all functions of state government. It is understood that resources not aligned with Statewide Programs may be used by agencies for appropriate mission-related purposes and activities.

No, since not all Statewide Programs have been identified, an option will be provided within the new budgeting system to allow users to identify resources not tied to one of the defined Statewide Programs.
The primary focus of this effort is to promote transparency by reporting results that are of interest to citizens and other stakeholders. As state agencies collaborate on Statewide Programs, and a more global perspective emerges due to the use of this tool, data collected may drive future discussions regarding resource allocation among all stakeholders involved with particular Statewide Programs.

A list of Statewide Programs and definitions will be included in this year’s Budget Request Instructions. The new budgeting system will include a chartfield titled “Statewide Program.” A drop down list of programs will be provided from which to choose. Definitions, which were reviewed and approved by program area experts, will be provided to guide agencies in aligning resources with Statewide Programs. Please note, not all Statewide Programs have been identified, and therefore, all resources may not be associated with a Statewide Program. An option will be provided in the drop down to address those resources

From a high-level, strategic perspective, Statewide Programs reflect the comprehensive efforts of state government within a particular area of focus. Each program falls under a statewide area of interest currently labeled “Statewide Goals.” OMES will work with Statewide Program stakeholders to formulate performance objectives based on what they are trying to impact or improve through their work, which may cross traditional cabinet/agency/department lines. These objectives will focus on progress toward outcomes as opposed to outputs or activities. This information will be used to promote transparency to our citizens and collaboration in state government. Not all Statewide Programs have been identified at this time