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Frequently Asked Questions - state-wide inventory assets

Written notice of any information change must be submitted to DCAM within 30 days of the change. Agency inventory officer's name and mailing address must be submitted to DCAM by Jan. 15 each year.

Obtain approval from the Surplus Property Administrator by filling out a Surplus Property Transfer form (DCAM-FORM-SS-001A for property or DCAM-FORM-SS-001V for vehicles) and forwarding to State Surplus. Upon approval, complete a Agency Inventory Control form (DCAM-FORM-FIN-001A).

Complete a Surplus Property Transfer form (DCAM-FORM-SS-001) and specify that the item was traded in.

All surplus property must be sent to State Surplus, 2530 W. Reno Ave., Oklahoma City, (405) 525-2354, in accordance with State Surplus Property rules.

Aug. 15 - complete Inventory Model form (DCAM-FORM-FIN-003).

Yes, if they meet the threshold criteria discussed in question # 1.

Agency reporting thresholds are $2,500.00 for non-IT items and $500.00 for all IT items unless your agency, by permission, has a different set amount (see memo from 04/05/2010).