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Open Records Request

The Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) complies with the Oklahoma Open Records Act found at 51 O.S. §§24A.1 - et seq. OMES records are available for public inspection and copying, except for records which are designated as confidential under state or federal law.

Requestor Information

OMES reserves the right to charge the actual cost of reproduction including labor if the information requested is not readily available or requires an extended amount of time to retrieve. OMES will provide an estimated charge to copy and produce the records requested. All fees for copies, including delivery fees, if any, must be paid before the documents are provided. If original records are reviewed at OMES offices, they may not be removed or rearranged during inspection. Records must be kept in the order in which they were provided. If the requestor wants copies made, the requestor must designate the records to be copied with the use of paper marker, self-stick notes or other non-destructive means.

All searches have the potential to be billed at the rate of $40.00 per documented hour.

Solicitation Request Information
If possible, please provide the following information.