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Bankruptcy Notices

The Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) has received notice of bankruptcy on the following companies possibly doing business within the state. Bankruptcy notices are generally time sensitive and require immediate (or near immediate) attention, therefore, we are issuing this notification to agencies which could be affected by the debtors in the bankruptcies.
If your agency has a contract for a service(s) and/or product(s) either that the debtor in each bankruptcy provides to the State of Oklahoma or that the State of Oklahoma provides to the debtor (if any), or if the debtor has already fulfilled its contractual obligation(s) to the state and/or has already provided the service(s) and/or product(s) in whole or in part, please notify Steve Wilson at (405) 521-4679 or

Current notice of bankruptcies (NOTE: The bankruptcies can include "aka's" and other holdings by the debtor.):

Trident Holding Company, LLC, et al.
(AG Notification 2-13-19)

Things Remembered, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 2-11-19)

Perfect Brow Art, Inc.
(AG Notification 2-5-19)

Burkhalter Rigging, Inc.; Burkhalter Transport, Inc.; Burkhalter Specialized Transport, LLC
(AG Notification 2-5-19)

Gymboree Group, Inc.
(AG Notification 1-25-19)

Specialty Retail Shops Holding Corp., et al.
(AG Notification 1-22-19)

Beauty Brands, LLC, et al.
(AG Notification 1-10-19)

Petroquest Energy, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 1-2-19)

Synergy Pharmaceuticals Inc.
(AG Notification 1-2-19)

Parker Drilling Company, et al.
(AG Notification 1-2-19)

Taco Bueno Restaurants, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 11-27-18)

Gastar Exploration Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 11-19-18)

Mattress Firm, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 11-7-18)

Sears Holdings Corporation, et al.
(AG Notification 10-30-18)

ATD Corporation, et al.
(AG Notification 10-9-18)

Hooper Holmes, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 9-4-18)

Heritage Home Group LLC, et al.
(AG Notification 8-14-18)

Samuels Jewelers, Inc.
(AG Notification 8-14-18)

J & M Sales Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 8-8-18)

Miller-Motte Business College, Inc.
(AG Notification 8-6-18)

Education Management II, LLC (and affiliates),
(AG Notification 07/17/18)

Color Spot Holdings, Inc.
(AG Notification 6-25-18)
Color Spot Nurseries, Inc.
(AG Notification 6-25-18)
Hines Growers, Inc.
(AG Notification 6-25-18)
Lone Star Growers, Inc.
(AG Notification 6-25-18)

Ladder Companies, Inc.
(AG Notification 6-19-18)

Nichols Brothers, Inc.
AG Notification 6-19-18) 

NBI Properties, Inc.
AG Notification 6-19-18)

NBI Services, Inc.
AG Notification 6-19-18)

Arecont Vision Holdings, LLC, et al.
(AG Notification 5-22-18)

The Walking Company Holdings, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 04/17/18)

VER Technologies Holdco LLC, et al.
(AG Notification 4-11-18)
Nine West Holdings, Inc.
(AG Notification 4-11-18)

Remington Outdoor Company , Inc., et al.
AG Notification 04/04/18)

Claire’s Stores, Inc.
(AG Notification 4-2-18)

iHeartMedia, Inc.
(AG Notification 3-27-18)

Toys “R” Us Property Company I, LLC.
(AG Notification 3-26-18)

The Weinstein Company Holdings, LLC., et al., 18-10601 (MFW)
(AG Notification 3-26-18)

Exco Resources, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 3-13-18)

Ensequence, Inc.
(AG Notification 2-2-18)

Cenveo, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 2-14-18)

Patriot National, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 2-6-18)

LSC Wind Down, LLC
(AG Notification 12-28-17)

Vasari, LLC
(AG Notification 12-6-17)

Lynda Mae Nichol
(AG Notification 12-4-17)

Cumulus Media Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 12-4-17)

Lehman Brothers U.K. Holdings (Delaware) Inc.
Lehman Pass-Through Securities Inc.
(AG Notification 11-28-17)

Real Industry, Inc., et al.
(AG Notification 11-28-17)

Mac Acquisition LLC, et al.
(AG Notification 11-6-17)