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CAR Newsletter July 2018




Single Audit Tip

The state’s single audit was issued on Friday, June 29.  The State Auditor’s office uses the OMB Compliance Supplement as guidance for performing this audit.  The supplement includes detailed audit requirements for each federal program.  Agencies operating federal programs are encouraged to be familiar with this supplement.  Audit findings can be prevented if the agency is using the supplement as a guide to administering federal programs.  The supplement is available at


Proposed GASB Change – We Need Your Feedback.

The Government Accounting Standards Board is considering a change to the way revenues and expenses are recognized by governments.  Under one proposal, revenues would be recognized only after any performance obligation has been met. 

Example: if an agency receives a grant for carrying out a program, the recognition of that revenue would not happen until the performance obligation that the grant was funding was completed; or, if fees are collected for a specific purpose, the revenue would not be recognized until the service was complete.

We are trying to determine potential costs that could be associated with a change in process (system applications, additional personnel, etc.) to track and report this information. This is only in the planning phase and there is still time to voice concerns to the GASB. If this applies to your agency, and it raises any concerns, please contact Matt Clarkson at [email protected]

Interest on Late Payment

The rate for penalty interest associated with the Prompt Payment Act will be 1.15% for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2018.  This rate reflects the "average interest rate for thirty-day time deposits of State funds during the last calendar quarter of the last preceding fiscal year (62 O.S. § 41.4b)"


Pathfinder SRDC Enrollment Code Being Used in Error on Paysheets

The Pathfinder enrollment deduction code “SRDC” should only be used when setting up an employee in the Pathfinder plan. If the code is entered to be used directly on a payroll, an amount will be withheld but will not be included in the file or payment to OPERS, resulting in the need of a direct refund to the employee for the “SRDC” amount. Please be mindful to use the code only when setting up an employee in the Pathfinder Plan.

Updating Employee Bank Routing Numbers

Agencies may, on occasion, receive a report generated from the Office of the State Treasurer’s current ACH application. OST’s current ACH application automatically updates bank routing numbers based on the latest table of Federal Reserve Bank routing numbers. This update allows the items to continue processing for payment. When an update is made, the Participant Old/New Routing Number report is generated listing the employee, the incorrect bank routing number and the correct bank routing number. This report is distributed to agencies to update employee banking information. These updates must be made so transactions will continue to process without interruption. This report is sent out by OMES to the contact listed for the Updated Banking Information report.

Adjustments to Oklahoma Child Support Payments

Agencies must notify OMES CAR of any items that will affect the Oklahoma centralized child support payment. Items that could affect the amount to be paid include refunds to employees for amounts withheld in error and reversals of payroll warrants. If OMES is not notified and the centralized child support payment is processed, the agency will be responsible for contacting the Department of Human Services child support division to attempt to get a refund.  If the funds have already been disbursed to the recipient, the money might not be refunded back to the agency. Timely communication from agencies is critical in these situations.

Each Monday CAR runs the HCM process to report and make payment to the OCSS/Oklahoma Centralized Support Registry, PS vendor ID 0000190715.  The process is run for payments with dates from the second previous Saturday through the previous Friday. For example: paychecks with an issue date between 6/23/2018 – 6/29/2018 were processed to pay the child support withholdings on 7/2/2018. All payments going to the OCSS must be set up to use Vendor ID 0000190715.  Payments to Vendor ID 0000000830 or Vendor ID 0000197419 for the OCSS are no longer allowed and will not be processed for centralized payment if used in error.  

In PeopleSoft Financials, a journal entry is created to remove the funds from the agency’s 994 fund.  The agency will see a debit to the 633190 account and a credit to 101000.

For questions, please contact Alicia Reel at 405-522-9479, [email protected] or Jean Hayes at 405-522-6300, [email protected].

Submission of OMES Form 94P - Tidbits

When an employee reimburses a payroll overpayment, please complete and submit the OMES Form 94P as soon as the reimbursement is made.  Timely submission helps ensure corrections are reflected in the quarter in which they occurred for proper reporting and also helps in the full recovery of OPERS retirement amounts.  If the retirement system is not aware of an overpayment and the pending overpayment refund request, payouts to former employees may be incorrect, resulting in a loss to the agency. In addition, retirement calculations may be incorrect if the overpayment is not reported timely.

Please do not provide copies of personal checks.  The form allows the agency to enter the amount reimbursed.  Additional back up data is not required.  

The form requires the State EmplID be entered.  This has been changed for the privacy and security of the employee. Please do not submit with the social security number or any other number.

Reduction of Annual Leave Hours for Overpayments

When an employee chooses to reimburse an overpayment using annual leave, the amount of annual leave reduced should equal the gross amount of overpayment. In the past there have been instances where agencies have incorrectly reduced the annual leave by the net amount of the overpayment. 

If an employee reimburses an overpayment using terminal leave, an OMES Form 94P must be submitted to correct the retirement amounts reported on the check that included the overpayment. Terminal leave is not included in retirement wage calculations; therefore, a payroll earnings adjustment is required.

OMES Form PWC, Payroll Warrant Cancellation -Faxing

Requests for cancellation of direct deposits must be made by completing the PWC form and faxing it to OMES to initiate the cancellation procedures. The form must be faxed to 405-522-2186. This number is located at the top of the form in the ‘Area for Oklahoma Payroll’. Please do not fax the form to the number located under JP Morgan Chase ACH Services. If faxed to their 1-866 number, the process will not begin and we will not get the funds back on the employee. After faxing to 405-522-2186, verify the fax was successful; this can be done by checking your machine’s log or printed verification page. 

For paper warrant cancellations, the original warrant must be marked “Void,” attached to the completed PWC form, and sent to OMES Transaction Processing. These requests cannot be processed by fax.


Higher Ed Deferred Payroll

Payroll claims for hours worked in fiscal years 2018 and 2019 on one payroll fund transfer (PFT) file will record payroll expenses to the institution’s operating funds with Bud Refs 18 and 19. The claim number will begin with 19, which will require that all class 78900 transactions on the PFT file be recorded with Bud Ref 19. The first two digits of the claim number determine which 78900 budget is used for the net payroll vouchers, so all 78900 transactions on the PFT must be recorded with Bud Ref 19 to ensure the same allotment budget is used.

Please ensure the FY 2019 78900 allotment budget is sufficient for the FY 2018 expenses paid in July and August 2019.

1099 Misc Reporting

1099 Tax Information Quarterly Report

The first two quarters of the 2018 tax year are now complete.  It is time for ALL agencies to run the Miscellaneous 1099 Tax Information Report which will include all transactions from Jan. 1, 2018, through June 30, 2018. The path for this report in PeopleSoft Financials is: Accounts Payable>Reports> Payments> Misc Tax Information Report. Please review the following items in this report: 

  • The Name and Tax ID number (TIN) must match the information on the vendor’s W-9, which designates the name and TIN that the vendor uses to report their taxes to the IRS, state Tax Commission and/or Secretary of State.

  • Pay attention to the 1099 Flag: Y means the vendor should receive a 1099, and N means the vendor should not receive a 1099. A vendor does not need a 1099 if it is registered as a corporation, non-profit or government entity (the exception to this is when the payment is for legal or medical services).  State employees in most cases should have an N 1099 flag.  All other non-exempt vendors should have a Y 1099 flag.  If there are any questions about a vendor’s 1099 status please request an updated W-9 from the vendor and forward a copy to OMES.

  • Please note that Address 1 in the vendor file is the vendor’s official address reported to the IRS and the designated address for 1099 reporting. If the vendor’s 1099 Flag is N, any new addresses provided will be added as a different location, but Address 1 will not change. If Address 1 should be different please request the change by submitting the request on OMES Vendor /Payee Form.

  • Review all warrants processed for each vendor to ensure that the correct amount is listed for the proper vendor.  (Any warrant corrections will need to be made at the agency level.) 

Please send any corrections on this report to the Office of Management & Enterprise Services (OMES) by Friday, July 27, 2018. If you have any questions contact Beth Brox at (405) 522-1099 or by e-mail at Beth.B[email protected]

NOTE:  This does not apply to Higher Ed Institutions since they will be doing their own 1099 reporting for 2018.

Mid-Year 1099 IRS TIN Match

In July, OMES will TIN Match names and tax ID numbers with the IRS for all vendors who have received 1099 reportable payments for the first half of tax year 2018.  We will notify individual agencies of vendors that don’t match with the IRS asking the agency to provide the necessary correcting information.  Please be ready to respond promptly if/when you are notified.  Please contact Beth Brox at (405) 522-1099 or by e-mail at [email protected] if you have any questions. 

NOTE:  This does not apply to Higher Ed Institutions since they will be doing their own 1099 reporting for 2018.


Vendor Changes to the Voluntary Payroll Deduction Program

Effective Aug. 1, 2018, Trustmark Voluntary Benefits Solutions will no longer be a member of the Voluntary Payroll Deduction program for the State of Oklahoma.

Affected employees should make alternative arrangements before ending deductions through the payroll system for the State of Oklahoma. The individual company will be responsible for notifying policyholders about other methods for paying premiums going forward after Aug. 1, 2018. Contact information is below:

Trustmark Voluntary Benefits Solutions
Payroll Code: AI39
David Walker
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 208-659-8431 (cell); 855-592-4489

Billing questions:
Michael Anderson
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800-514-3446

*Trustmark is a supplemental insurance and does not affect life insurance or dependent life insurance that is part of your yearly benefits enrollment.

If you have questions about the VPD program, please contact us at [email protected] or 405-522-6970.

EmpowerHR Introduces Oracle LEARN

EmpowerHR, the statewide HR modernization project, is proud to introduce Oracle LEARN. LEARN is a comprehensive learning management system that will assist agencies in the tracking, maintenance and delivery of training and learning content.

LEARN will be available to all agencies Aug. 20, 2018. The system is designed around a self-service model, allowing users to enroll in any available courses and supervisors to directly manage the training and development of their direct reports.

About Oracle LEARN

The State of Oklahoma Learning Management System, LEARN, houses centralized and agency-specific training in multiple formats, including classroom, online, assignments, surveys, forums, chats, virtual classroom training and more.

Agencies interested in adopting LEARN for their internal training program have two options:

  • LEARN Center — by implementing a LEARN Center, agencies will have their own learning environment to offer training, customize messages and build webpages specific to the agency. Maintaining a LEARN Center will require dedicated staff resources to manage system content, system design and configurations.

  • State of Oklahoma Agency Group — Agencies who don’t wish to maintain their own learning environment can still add agency-specific content through the centralized State of Oklahoma LEARN Center. Groups must be managed by an agency; however, they will only be responsible for the group content.

All state employees and external users will be part of the State of Oklahoma LEARN Center, where users can locate and enroll in centralized training opportunities, such as the HCM Training and Development courses. 

What Will the Transition Look Like?

On Aug. 20, the LEARN system will be available to all state users. Agencies are not required to adopt LEARN for their internal training; however, all state users will need to access it to enroll in centralized training opportunities. Beginning in fall 2018, HCM Training and Development courses will be offered through LEARN, not through agency nominating officials.

The current Peoplesoft Enterprise Learning Management system will remain in view-only mode for record-keeping purposes. LEARN will compile user training data beginning Aug. 20.

Agencies can take several important steps to make the transition to this new system as seamless as possible for supervisors and users. 

Step 1: Improving Agency HR Data

LEARN operates on a self-service model, meaning employees will be able to sign up for any training made available to them.

Each item of training has the ability to require supervisor approval; however, if an employee does not have a supervisor ID listed in the Reports To field in PeopleSoft, the employee will not be enrolled in the training.

Agencies should take the following actions immediately:

  • Update all Reports To data in PeopleSoft and develop processes to keep it up-to-date
    – Employees who have no supervisor can enter their own EMPLID or the EMPLID of whomever approves their timesheets.

  • Develop internal procedures for monitoring employee training. Not all content in the system will require supervisor approval; however, supervisors and anyone else in the agency with administrator access will have access to a robust reporting tool to monitor employee activity. 

Step 2: Assigning Roles and Training

LEARN will have several standard roles within the system:

  • Learning administrator — managing, configuring and designing an entire learning environment.
  • Content developer — managing online courses and other content without having configuration access.
  • Group administrator — managing and maintaining group-specific learning content.
  • Instructor — managing enrollments, rosters and gradebook assignments.
  • Supervisor — tracking employee learning through dashboards, reporting and training approvals.
  • Learner — access to content, transcripts and social learning tools.

Agencies will need to determine who will need additional access to the system. EmpowerHR and OMES will offer the following training opportunities:

Role: Learning administrator
Training Type: Classroom technical training
Dates: July 17-18; July 19-20

Role: Group administrator
Training Type: Classroom technical training
Dates: Fall 2018

Role: Supervisor/learner
Training Type: Online how-to videos
Dates: Available Aug. 6

Role: All roles
Training Type: Training manuals
Dates: Available now

Join Us for a LEARN Informational Meeting

EmpowerHR will host two informational meetings at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on July 10, 2018,  in the Concourse Theater. These meetings will provide you with a brief overview of the system, tell you what to expect for system go-live and give you the opportunity to ask questions.

Still have questions? EmpowerHR is committed to helping agencies make the transition to Oracle LEARN and to make the most of the many useful features within the system. Please feel free to let us know what more we can do to help your agency succeed.

For general project questions: [email protected]

To sign up for a LEARN Center: [email protected]

To sign up for an Agency Group in the State of Oklahoma LEARN Center: [email protected]


Volume 29, Number 01
Fiscal Year-2019
July 3, 2018



OKC American Payroll Association Monthly Lunch & Learn Chapter Meetings

OKC American Payroll Association
Monthly Lunch & Learn Chapter Meetings
Oklahoma Child Support Services Center – 
Child Support

Friday July 20, 2018
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

For more information, please visit their website

Payroll Law 2018

Presented by Fred Pryor Seminars

Aug. 16, 2018 – Oklahoma City
Aug. 17, 2018 – Tulsa

1-Day Seminar cost - $149
For groups of 5 or more - $139 each

For more information, please visit their website

2018 Oklahoma Payroll Conference

Presented by the Oklahoma City and Northeastern Oklahoma Chapters of the American Payroll Association 

Thurs. Sept. 20 – Fri., Sept. 21, 2018
Metro Technology Center
Springlake Campus
1900 Springlake Drive, OKC, OK 73111

For more information please visit their website.

Certified Government Financial (CGFM) Training Program

Sponsored by the AGA-OKC Chapter

November 5-9, 2018
OMES EGID Building
Landmark Towers
3545 NW 58th 5th Floor
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Fee:$1,200 Early Bird Discount if payment is received by Oct. 5, 2018;$1,500 if payment is received after Oct. 5, 2018 and all payments must be received by Nov. 4, 2018.

This five-day course is being offered Monday through Friday, Nov. 5-9. The fee includes study materials but does not cover meal costs. Candidates are required to make their own travel and lodging arrangements. Seating is limited. Recommended CPE credit: 40 hours.

For more information contact Riley Shaull at [email protected] or [email protected]