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Transaction Processing

General Information

Transaction Processing is the statewide voucher and payroll processing service within the Central Accounting and Reporting division of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES).  We support the day to day payment operations of State agencies with guidance and the processing of said payments.

Services Provided

Accounts Payable Processing includes:

  • Assists agencies having questions concerning processing accounts payable transactions - system issues and procedures.
  • Provide assistance on proper submission of vouchers from remote files. 
  • Provide assistance with late payment interest on late payments made by agencies. 
  • Provide assistance with appropriate expenditure account codes usage. 
  • Provide assistance with voucher expenditure corrections.

Voucher Processing includes:

  • Provide assistance with the submission and cancellation of approving officer signature cards – OMES Form 13.
  • Provide assistance to agencies seeking approval of revisions to voucher forms.
  • Provide assistance to agencies on voucher submissions. 
  • Respond to questions concerning voucher rejections.
  • Provide assistance with warrant cancellations and the subsequent processing.
  • Provide assistance with EFT Cancellations and the subsequent processing.
  • Give instructions on proper batch slip submissions – OMES Form 25B.
  • Answer questions and give instructions to agencies on the preparation and submission of travel vouchers.

Warrant Replacements Processing includes:

  • Provide assistance to agencies when warrants have been lost or destroyed.
  • Assist agencies in completing and submitting the OMES Form 20R for lost or destroyed warrants to be replaced.
  • Provide assistance to agencies having warrants that have canceled by statute.
  • Assist agencies in completing and submitting the OMES Form 20R for statutory canceled warrants to be replaced.
  • Submit forms to [email protected].

Payroll Claim Payments Processing includes:

  • Provide assistance to agencies on payroll claim submission & approvals for processing.
  • Monitor payroll submission deadlines and send out late submission deadline notices.
  • Provide assistance to agencies on payroll cancellations.

Travel & Online Booking includes:

  • Provide assistnce with the online booking tool for airfare.
  • Assist agencies having travel-related questiohns, including lodging, transportation and per diem.