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Capital Planning

2018 Capital Planning Cycle: Submittals due July 1

Capital outlay requests for the FY2020-2027 Capital Improvements Plan and FY2020 Capital Budget must be submitted to the OMES Planning Office by July 1, 2018. Submittals must be made using the Capital Outlay Request Form. Please refer to the Capital Outlay Request Guidelines for more information on the types of project requests that are eligible for submission.

Hyperion is not being used for the 2018 planning cycle; please do not submit requests through the Hyperion system.

FY2019 Capital Project Funding

For the fourth consecutive year, no appropriations were made to the Maintenance of State Buildings Revolving Fund, which is used to fund capital projects approved in the statewide annual capital budget. All current funds in the Maintenance of State Buildings Revolving Fund are allocated to previously-approved capital projects that are currently under construction.

It is possible that funds may become available during FY2019 due to the sale of state-owned properties and/or from current capital projects being completed under-budget. If this occurs, Planning staff will contact agencies to notify them that their FY2019 capital project will be funded. Capital projects will be funded in order of prioritization outlined in the FY2019 Capital Budget, as funds become available.

Capital projects listed in the FY2019 Capital Budget are authorized for implementation beginning July 1, 2018. Agencies may self-fund their projects if funding from the Maintenance of State Buildings Revolving Fund is unavailable.

Recommended 2019 Capital Budget approved by the Long-Range Capital Planning Commission

The Long-Range Capital Planning Commission approved the FY 2019-2026 Capital Improvements Plan and FY 2019 Capital Budget at its November 2017 meeting. The plan and budget have been submitted to the Office of the Governor, the Senate President Pro Tempore and the Speaker of the House of Representatives for their consideration during the 2018 regular session.

The FY2019 Capital Budget requests an appropriation of $37,677,044, including $31.8 million to the Maintenance of State Buildings Revolving Fund to implement 42 capital projects for 12 agencies, as well as $5.9 million to fund the first year of debt service on a 20-year bond issue that would fund 15 larger projects totaling $99.89 million.

The bond recommendation includes replacement facilities for the Department of Public Safety, Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and Department of Rehabilitation Services, a full replacement of the Department of Corrections’ Offender Management System and major renovation projects for the Military Department, Veterans Affairs and the Tulsa Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

The Maintenance of State Buildings Revolving Fund has not received an appropriation since 2014, resulting in a severely curtailed ability to address any capital needs outlined in previous capital budgets. All funding currently available in the Maintenance of State Buildings Revolving Fund is allocated to projects approved in previous capital budgets. 

To address the deferred maintenance backlog, the commission is recommending that the Legislature commit to a consistent annual appropriation to the Maintenance of State Buildings Revolving Fund, as well as a number of other policy changes that will move state government toward a more proactive, strategic leadership model of real property asset management. The commission’s policy recommendations are included in section one of the plan document.


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