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Discrimination Complaint Investigator Program

In accordance with Merit Rule 260:25-3-22 (link opens in new window), discrimination complaint investigators shall complete a minimum of six hours of training or 0.6 continuing education units annually. Investigators who complete annual training shall submit proof of completion to the program coordinator, Patti Ormerod, no later than Dec. 31. Investigators who fail to report by Jan. 30, 2021, will be listed as inactive and shall not conduct discrimination complaint investigations until training requirements for the previous year have been met and reported.  
Under Merit Rule 260:25-3-20 (link opens in new window) and Merit Rule 260:25-3-22 (link opens in new window), the Office of Management and Enterprise Services Human Capital Management is responsible for coordinating the Discrimination Complaint Investigator Program and conducting or approving the initial discrimination complaint investigator training. OMES HCM approves of the three online classes listed below to obtain the required training. If your agency would prefer a different course of instruction, please provide OMES HCM with the agenda for approval.

Once the initial discrimination complaint investigator training is complete, the agency must place the new investigator with a senior discrimination investigator for certification. The senior discrimination investigator will shadow the new investigator to ensure they can successfully develop an investigative plan, identify the issues of a claim, use effective interviewing techniques and write a logical and succinct investigative report addressing all identified issues.
Also, OMES HCM has changed the requirements for appointment to senior discrimination complaint investigator. A certified discrimination complaint investigator who has investigated 20 or more discrimination complaints can train new investigators by completing the Senior EEO form and submitting it to Patti Ormerod.
Contact OMES with any questions, suggestions or ideas to strengthen and expand the Discrimination Complaint Investigator Program at [email protected] or 405-522-3040.