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Order Tech Now

Order Tech Now is your one-stop shop for procuring pre-approved client computers, accessories, software and more. State agencies may acquire these products directly from approved vendors knowing these products will work within our technology environment, meet our state architecture and security requirements and be supportable by OMES.

Getting Started

New account? Contact your Account Executive or submit a request through the OMES Service Desk to have an account created. We recommend requesting access for your purchasing staff team. Once your request with your agency’s decentralized security representative is verified, you will receive a welcome email and login instructions to set up your account.

Which computer is right for you? View workstation leasing standards for product specifications of current models. Contact your IT Strategist or Account Executive to have a demonstration scheduled.

How to Order

For a Dell leased workstation, please complete the DFS Billing Information form which indicates the billing contact person and invoice preferences. Once completed, please send this form to and your IT strategist or Account Executive.

Once the billing form is completed, start working with your OMES IT Strategist or Account Executive to initiate the lease order process. OMES will provide quality control to ensure essential accessories are included and all relevant information is collected.

For more information, contact your OMES IT Strategist or Account Executive, or refer to the Partnering with OMES IS contact list for your agency's contact information. For questions, view our frequently asked questions.

Workstation Leasing Standards

The Office of Management and Enterprise Services is pleased to offer the option to lease state computers. State agencies may acquire approved software, hardware and accessories directly from approved vendors knowing they will work in our technology environment, meet state architecture and security requirements and be supportable by OMES complying with the IT Consolidation and Coordination Act.

Ordering 15 devices or more or have multiple locations? Please contact your Account Executive prior to completing your order to assign a project coordinator for your computer deployment.

Ordering Apple products? Please contact your Account Executive prior to completing your order as we will need to assign a team to setup and install Apple products.

Dell Leasing Standards

Effective date of Feb. 1, 2020.

  • Basic Mobile. Latitude 5500 15" i5-8365U (Quad Core, 6M Cache, 1.6GHz, 15W) / 8GB / 256SSD / Non-Touch
    Note: Available as a “Ships fast” item.
  • Premium Mobile Tablet. Latitude 7200 (2-in-1) Ultrabook 12.3" 8th Gen i7-8665U (Quad Core, 1.9GHz, 15W) / 16GB / 256SSD
    Note: 2-in-1 comes with travel keyboard and stylus pen and is available as “ships fast” item.
  • Premium Mobile. Latitude 7400 Ultrabook 14" i7 (Quad Core, 8M Cache, 1.9GHz) / 16GB / 256SSD / Touch
  • Basic Desktop. OptiPlex 7070 SFF i5 9500 3.0-4.4 GHz / 8GB / 256SSD
    Note: Standard keyboard and mouse is provided and is available as a “ships fast” item.
  • Premium Desktop. OptiPlex 7070 MFF i7 9700T 2.0-4.3 GHz / 16GB / 256SSD
    Note: Standard keyboard and mouse is provided and is available as a “ships fast” item.

Note: "Ships fast" items ship in 48 hours from Dell receipt of purchase order. 

Need to order a different workstation than the standard? For any special configuration an exemption request will need to be completed. Contact your Agency IT Strategist for more information.

How the lease process works.

The following steps provide an overview of the lease process and how it works.

  1. Work with your Account Executive to identify models to purchase.
  2. Send your Account Executive pre-order information including what is ordered, who will receive the equipment, and etc.
  3. Complete your computer order.
  4. Once vendor receives equipment in the warehouse, the vendor will schedule a kick-off meeting with you and OMES to finalize details and select a delivery date.
  5. A new computer packet is sent to any customer receiving a new device to streamline setup.
  6. Vendor will deliver computer hardware to respective individuals.
  7. Customer signs off on receiving all ordered equipment.
  8. An OMES technician installs agency/individual specific software.
  9. Old equipment is either wiped and placed back in inventory or processed for surplus.
  10. Account Executive sends a feedback form to all customers who received a new computer.

Virtual Leasing

If you do not require physical hardware but instead a site to log into to gain access to a computer environment, we now have virtual leasing as an option. This costs $37.00 per month per user.

Why Lease?

OMES partnered with industry leaders to provide competitive leasing options for desktops, laptops and tablets to include the following benefits:

  • No high upfront costs. Cost is spread over the life of the lease, and funds stay consistent each year for technology refresh.
  • Pre-installed. Computer arrives with the right software and needed security configuration.
  • Enhanced support. Includes 24/7 remote vendor support and next day on-site vendor support.
  • Minimized risk. Keeps security current, reducing risk and ensuring state data protection.
  • Less maintenance. Newer, leased equipment costs less to maintain than outdated workstations.
  • It is the state standard. Purchasing workstations requires an exception.
  • Geo-tracking capabilities. Ability to physically locate assets if connected to a network.
  • Streamlined installation and removal process. Image, tag and deploy computers to your location. Remove workstations according to EPA regulations. Provide an end-of-life certificate of destruction.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still purchase through OMES?

It is not necessary to purchase items through OMES that are available through Order Tech Now. Order Tech Now allows you to pay for preapproved products and services directly, saving you time and hassle to purchase what you need.

Where do I find preapproved software and hardware?

Our partner portal pages only showcase software and hardware that have been preapproved by your agency and that meets our state standards for stability and security. View preapproved software and hardware for your agency at

What if I need to order an item not in the portal?

If there is an item not on the product catalog that needs to be ordered, complete the product request form and OMES will work with our vendor to review and determine if this is something that can be added to the catalog or if it is a standalone request that needs further information to develop purchase quotes.

Why is there a purchasing limit?

Per the procurement information memorandum “Delegation of Authority from CIO for Certain IT Procurement Purchases” the state Chief Information Officer has statutory approval authority over all information technology and telecommunications acquisitions as defined in the Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act. View the PIM for more detailed information on purchasing limits.

What payment types are accepted?

The only payment type that is accepted at this time on the portal is P-card.

What type of products are available?

This portal may only be used for acquiring hardware, software and accessories that meet the state workstation standards via PCard or leasing agreement. Meeting our state standards means the product works within our technology environment, meets our state architecture, meets our security requirements and is supportable by OMES. If your agency has requested exceptions to the PC standards, you will need to continue working with your OMES Account Executive. View preapproved software and hardware for your agency at


If my agency already has a login to order from Dell do I need to do anything?

You will still need to complete the DFS Billing Information form as indicated since the leasing portal will be a separate section on the Dell ordering web page.

Why do I need to inform OMES when I need to order something?

All devices will be shipped directly to the deployment center where they will be imaged and configured. Before devices show up at the deployment center, OMES needs to know which individuals in your agency will receive the devices, specific software that needs to be installed, and etc. This information will be used by both the deployment vendor and OMES to ensure seamless delivery of all devices.

What is the expected timeline for devices to be deployed once I order them?

Estimated time of delivery for leased devices will be 5-10 business days once they are received in deployment. The order point of contact will be invited to a kick off call once the devices are received to schedule device delivery for end users.

How can I track my order?

Once the order is placed, you can track the ship and arrival dates on the Dell ordering web page. Once devices are received in the deployment center, the order point of contact will receive updates through the Service Desk Self Service Portal.

What if I am not sure what type of computer is right for our agency members needing a device?

Contact your OMES IT Strategist or Account Executive for more information about the device or to have a demonstration scheduled.

Do these devices go into my agency inventory?

To comply with state IT Standards and the Oklahoma IT Security policy, OMES is responsible for device inventory and will be tracked in the OMES inventory system. The agencies are assuming the responsibility of the payment obligation.

How many devices can I order at one time?

There is a limit of up to $50,000 that can be procured at one time per the procurement information memorandum “Delegation of Authority from CIO for Certain IT Procurement Purchases”. However, if you are leasing 15 devices or more and/or the locations of the individuals receiving the devices are geographically dispersed then additional coordination will be necessary. Please contact your OMES IT Strategist or Account Executive to assist with the information needed for these orders.