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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules of engagement for vendor project presentations?

  • Presentations are an opportunity to ask questions and discuss projects during webinars.
  • Do not contact agency personnel directly regarding projects.
  • Post-presentation questions will be addressed through [email protected] and close the last day of each quarter.
  • Requests to be invited to demo will go through [email protected] if the project is flagged for potential demonstration and will be discussed in the webinar.

Will we have the ability to bid or demo on all projects presented?

Not all projects are guaranteed to go out for bid, require a demonstration or market research.

Can I get more information on current projects?

Questions will not be answered on current projects, as they may be out for bid and discussions about them would be in violation of the Central Purchasing Act. If a project is out for bid, you will need to contact the assigned contracting officer, as they are the only person who can discuss an open bid.

Where can I find current bid opportunities?

All IT bid opportunities are posted on the OMES CIO website.

I have requested an opportunity to demonstrate, what happens next?

You will be sent an invite with the dates and times available as well as a script for the demonstration.

IT Project Monitoring & Transparency Initiative


OMES Information Services
Strategic Alliance Management

3115 N. Lincoln Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
[email protected]

Legislation was created as part of House Bill 1086 as the Oklahoma State Government IT Project Monitoring and Transparency Initiative, enacted in 2011 and codified at 62 O.S. § 34.11.8.