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Purchasing Processes, Rules and Statutes

Rules, Statutes and Standards

Purchasing Processes

  • Acquisition Process (Procurement Flow Chart) (released 02/15/2014)
    • AQ-001 - State Use (released 09/11/2009, revised 03/01/2013)
    • AQ-002 - Oklahoma Correctional Industries (OCI) (released 03/01/2013)
    • AQ-003 - Statewide Contracts (released 09/11/2009, revised 03/01/2013)
    • AQ-004 - Requisition through Central Purchasing (released 03/01/2013)
    • AQ-005 - Agency Internal Requisition (released 09/11/2009, revised 03/01/2013)
  • Purchase Card 
  • SW Exception Process (SW Exception Flow Chart) (released 08/01/2011)

Solicitation Process

1. In order to assure uniformity and better accessibility of published documents, Central Purchasing:

  • Requires using the CP solicitation packages for solicitations processed through Central Purchasing:
    • CP-FULL - for complex solicitations requiring specifications, special provisions, etc
    • CP-SHORT - for simple solicitations
  • Recommends using the AGENCY solicitation packages for solicitations processed internally by an agency, especially for requisitions within $50-$100k threshold in order to mitigate the risk of possible litigation by using CP approved terms and conditions:
    • AGENCY-FULL - for complex solicitations requiring specifications, special provisions, etc
    • AGENCY-SHORT - for simple solicitations
    • GENERAL PROVISIONS: CP or AGENCY (agencies and entities exempted from the Central Purchasing Act are encouraged to use at least general provisions provided by the Central Purchasing Division; provisions are being frequently updated)

2. The Office of Management and Enterprise Services - Central Purchasing has recognized that the state, each agency and suppliers would benefit from posting all state solicitations at one location. To facilitate this vision, Central Purchasing is creating an integrated tool for the posting of all solicitation opportunities online.  Agencies who wish to participate will need to:

  • Have an active CPO on staff
  • Current procedures updated to allow for the posting of solicitations in excess of $5,000
  • Use the solicitation packages created by OMES - Central Purchasing for agencies (see above).

If your agency would like to participate, please send an e-mail to Central Purchasing at: [email protected] with the following information:

  • First and last name of agency primary CPO
  • Primary CPO phone number
  • Place in the e-mail title “Solicitation Search”