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Certified Public Manager Program

The Oklahoma Certified Public Manager (CPM) program is an 18-month, cohort-based and nationally accredited leadership program. Enrollment is open October 1, 2018 through January 28, 2019. Participants must be nominated by their agency.

The Certified Public Manager® Program is a nationally accredited, comprehensive management development program specifically designed to prepare managers for public service careers. The National CPM Consortium establishes accreditation standards and monitors member programs. Only accredited programs are authorized to award the CPM designation. HCM, formerly OPM, established the CPM program in 1986 and has since graduated over 500 state, federal and county employees.

In 2016, HCM began revamping the CPM program to better meet the needs of current state employees. The new version of the program begins in Spring 2019 and will be cohort-based. Program requirements have been better tailored to the needs of busy employees, scattered across the state.

The new CPM program will transition to a cohort-based, pre-scheduled structure that will allow participants to complete the program in only 18 months. 

Enrollment for Cohort 1 begins October 2018. As always, participants must be nominated by their agency and approved by their supervisor to enter the program. When enrollment opens, you can visit this page for a link to instructions.

For additional information or to schedule a presentation on the new CPM program email or call 405-522-3617