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Frequently Asked Questions

Accessing LEARN

Start by contacting your agency administrator. They can set a temporary password to allow you to log in and set a permanent password. If you do not have an agency administrator, you may contact the OMES Service Desk at 521-2444 or [email protected].

LEARN is equipped with a Forgot Password feature that should allow you to reset your password on your own. You will be required to answer the security questions you set up on your first login.

You will need to contact your agency administrator to have your password reset. Once you have successfully logged in, you can click the Account button on the left side navigation. Scroll to the bottom and you will see a link to edit your password recovery questions.

If your agency is not listed, it means they do not maintain their own learning environment and you are already in the right place. Any agency-specific training that has been assigned to you will be accessible from the left hand navigation menu.

Enrolling in Classes

Contact your agency administrator and verify that your Reports To data is correct in the Peoplesoft system. If it has been recently changed, please allow 24 hours for it to take effect. If you are still not seeing the correct data, contact [email protected].

Currently Security Education and Awareness Training (SEAT) is not available in LEARN. Contact Carissa Terry, Director of Security Engagement at [email protected] for more information on accessing SEAT training.