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Workforce Planning

The Workforce Planning Office provides guidance to state agencies to ensure long-term talent readiness.  An agency's workforce is in continual change requiring them to reconcile shifting demographics while providing quality services to the people of Oklahoma.  Our mission is to assist state agencies in analyzing the current workforce, determining future workforce needs and implementing solutions so that agencies will have an effective workforce to meet future demands.


Strategic workforce planning is becoming increasingly necessary for organizations to ensure the retention of institutional knowledge and productivity. The workforce planning process is critical to both long term and short term workforce changes. These transitions, both expected and unexpected, can be a challenge for employers to manage. To help address these challenges for Oklahoma’s state agencies, the Workforce Planning Department at HCM provides services to assist in strategic workforce planning.

Research and Information

  • Workforce Planning Statistics - Workforce demographics, turnover, retirement eligibility
  • Survey Services – On-boarding, Employee Engagement and Separation
  • Workforce Planning Trends

Workforce Planning Consultation

The office is prepared to offer an overview of the workforce planning process as well as speak to leadership teams about the implications and benefits of such planning.  Our office can also provide consultation services to decision makers through the process of evaluating their specific workforce situations.

Policy Navigation

As agencies progress and begin to devise and implement plans to overcome their challenges, it will be important that proposals and actions fall within the applicable rules, laws and processes of managing human resources in the State of Oklahoma. The Office of Workforce Planning is poised to connect agencies to the expert advice from various ruling authorities.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Our office provides holistic employment life-cycle surveys to collect feedback on recruitment, on-boarding and employee engagement/satisfaction as well as separated employees.