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Zscaler Client Connector VPN guide



Zscaler’s VPN solution, the Client Connector, is the state’s standard for virtual private network connectivity. Use the steps below when logging into Zscaler for the first and only time. Once you have logged in, Zscaler will remain in the background and provide you with VPN connectivity without having you do a single thing.

For more Client Connector resources, visit Zscaler’s resource page (link opens in new window).


  1. Log out of Pulse Secure VPN.
  2. After the Zscaler Client Connector is installed on your device, open the app by right-clicking the Zscaler Client Connector tray icon and selecting Open Zscaler.


  1. An enrollment page appears, as shown below. You must enter a username and select Login.
    1. Your username will be your state employee email address and your password will be your Active Directory/Office 365 password.


  1. You will be redirected to the state’s single sign-on form. Enter the same credentials you used above (your state email and AD/Office 365 password again) and select Sign in.
  1. You will be prompted to validate your login using multifactor authentication.


  1. After the app completes enrollment, it is ready for use. Zscaler will then run in the background. No further action is required.


    Additional Information

    The following use cases are currently out of scope for Zscaler. Please continue to use Pulse Secure VPN while this solution is rolled out.

    Out of scope:

    •     Customers who use Macs.
    •     Contractors.
    •     Customers who use virtual machines.
    •     Machines using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and RDP for servers.
    •     Personal devices.
    •     Mobile devices.
    •     Agencies’ using VPN platforms that are not managed by OMES.
    •     Customers that do cross-domain administrative tasks.