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Special Edition – COVID-19 CAR Newsletter

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COVID-19 Preparation

Special Edition Newsletter

This special edition of the CAR Newsletter is to notify state entities of some temporary procedure changes that are being initiated by our office as more individuals are working remotely during the COVID-19 issue. This information is being provided to assist agencies as they prepare their Continuation of Operations Plans.

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Voucher Submissions (Including Travel Claims)

  • Complete the voucher in PeopleSoft.
  • Within PeopleSoft, send the batch slip to a PDF file and email it to [email protected]. This notifies OMES that a voucher is ready for processing.
  • Transaction Processing will accept batch slips without an approving officer’s signature, but the approving officer must either email the batch slip or email a separate approval.
  • The claimant’s signature on a travel claim may be replaced with an email from the traveler certifying that the information on the claim is accurate.
  • Documentation supporting the voucher should be scanned and included in the email if the agency has the ability to do so remotely. Agencies who currently scan documentation should continue to use Kofax Capture if possible.
  • If the agency cannot scan and include the supporting documentation, use the comment field within the voucher to explain the documentation and keep the documentation on file.
  • When documentation is not included, OMES will process the claim, if possible. The claim will be audited for supporting documentation when circumstances allow.

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Miscellaneous Warrant Cancellations

  • Transaction Processing will accept an email if it contains all the information requested on the Miscellaneous Warrant Cancellation form.
  • Agencies should have the original warrant and, if possible, should scan and send a copy with the email. However, OMES will process the cancellation without a scanned copy if the email states that the original warrant is in hand. The warrant should be retained and provided to OMES when circumstances allow.

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Electronic Warrant Cancellations

  • Form EWC may be completed and emailed to [email protected] by the agency approving officer.
  • If another employee completes and emails the form, the approving officer may verify an approval in a separate email.
  • The document must be password-protected and the password should be included in a separate email, or sent via another secure method. The form must be filled out completely.

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Payroll Warrant Cancellations

  • Direct Deposits – Form PWC should be emailed to [email protected]. The document must be password-protected and the password should be included in a separate email, or sent via another secure method.
  • PWC for Paper Warrants – Form PWC should be emailed to [email protected]. The original warrant should be scanned and attached to the email. However, OMES will process the cancellation without the scanned copy if the email certifies that the agency has the warrant and can provide it when circumstances allow.

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Expenditure Corrections

Transaction Processing will accept an email that contains all the information requested on the Form 77.

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Lost Warrants and Replacement Warrants

  • Replacement warrants for statutory cancelled warrants will not be processed without the original warrant or the notarized Form 20R.
  • However, if an agency has a critical need and cannot provide the original warrant or obtain a notarized Form 20R during emergency status, Transaction Processing personnel will work with the agency on a case-by-case basis. Please contact [email protected] for directions.
  • For replacement of lost warrants, Transaction Processing will process the request based on an email that contains all the required information on Form 20R. For lost warrants that have not stat-cancelled, no notary is necessary.

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Payroll Submission (State Agencies and Higher Education)

  • Payroll claim documents should be emailed to [email protected]. If the Payroll Form cannot be scanned and attached, the email should contain all the information requested on the form.
  • Transaction Processing will process payroll without the signature of an approving officer on the form, but the email submission must come from the approving officer or the approving officer may send a separate email of approval.

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Vendor Registration Requests

We are experiencing a higher than normal volume of requests for vendor direct deposit registrations. Vendor registration is a two-step process: 1) vendor setup and 2) direct deposit registration. We are able to expedite vendor setup if there is a critical need. However the direct deposit registration must go through a security protocol that includes OMES, the vendor’s bank and OST. This process takes 10-14 days. After step 1 (vendor setup), the vendor will receive payment via paper warrant until step 2 (direct deposit registration) is complete.

The Statewide Accounting Manual gives specific instructions for vendor registration. Requests for assistance with vendor registration should go through the OMES Service Desk and will be handled in the order received. If you have a critical need to expedite vendor setup, the Vendor Registration Unit may be contacted directly by emailing [email protected]. Indicate ‘Critical’ in the subject line. Again, this will not expedite the direct deposit functionality.

If you have a COVID-19 emergency purchase and can use a P-card, the vendor will not have to be registered for the payment.

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Cancelling Flights Set Up Through FCM

If you are cancelling a flight that was set up through the state’s former statewide travel service provider, FCM, you must contact the airline directly to cancel the flight. FCM’s services ended on Feb. 28. The new travel provider is Journey House but they cannot help you with flights that were booked through FCM.

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Tracking COVID-19 Costs

Agencies should track all costs related to COVID-19. OMES is establishing a separate program code under the Prevention topic for this purpose. For all COVID-19 purchases and expenditures, use program code A0104.

In addition, an additional time code is being added to the HCM Member Self Service application. For time worked on COVID-19 issues, use the time code COVID19 instead of REGHR.

New Time Reporting and Earnings codes have been created for agencies to track salary costs for employees with time worked on COVID-19 issues. The amounts will post to a new GL account 511119. The new codes are:

Earnings Code TRC Description 
CVH coding 19H  Hourly employee
CVS coding (exception reporting) CV19S   Salary employee
CVP employee coding (i.e. biweekly) CV19P Positive pay

Agency payroll personnel will be contacted with the appropriate code(s) to be used.

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Budget Revisions

Agency request officers may submit allotment requests to revise the agency’s budget with an email signature. Please include the standard revision allotment language in the body of the email.

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System Access Forms (300 Series)

Please email any requests for or changes to security access to [email protected]. The forms must be emailed by the agency security representative.

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If something comes up that has not been addressed, contact the appropriate person listed in the right margin of this newsletter.

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Special Edition
Fiscal Year 2020
March 16, 2020

In This Issue ...


Trainings Cancelled

All CAR-hosted trainings are cancelled until further notice.

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OFMA Quarterly Meeting - Cancelled

The May OFMA Quarterly meeting has been cancelled until further notice.

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